Staff shortages endanger northern health care sector

By Skipr Redactie | 18 April 2017

The care and welfare sector in the Northern Netherlands is at risk due to the growing shortage on the labor market. The expected shortage of HBO nurses in the region can amount to almost 8 percent of the number of employed HBO nurses in 2015.

All this emerges from the publication “Healthcare market and welfare 2017” of Zorgplein Noord. The most vulnerable positions are hbo nurses (now a shortage of 290 jobs increasing to 540 in 2020) and doctoral assistants mbo 4 (now a shortage of 30 against 180 in 2020).

The pressure on scarce healthcare staff is further increased by the growing number of elderly people. The number of people from the Netherlands aged 75 and over will grow by more than 75 percent in the coming twenty years.

Work agenda

According to Zorgplein Noord, how to attract sufficient and good staff is a question that care and welfare providers, education and care buyers (governments and health insurers) must answer together. Zorgplein Noord is making a move in the form of a work agenda in the annual labor market survey.

The work agenda includes the Think Tank Scarcity that is working on smart solutions to reduce the staff shortages. Zorgplein Noord also wants to improve the image of care for the disabled, elderly care and neighborhood nursing together with the organizations involved. In addition, in the regional Healthcare Pact, care and welfare organizations, education and the (local) government work together to improve the connection between the labor market and education.

Skipr Redactie, "Personeelsgebrek brengt noordelijke zorgsector in gevaar", 18 April 2017. [pdf in dutch]

Read more about the Healthcare & Welfare North Netherlands 2017 labor market [pdf in dutch]