First step in the Netherlands against super bacteria

By Skipr Redactie | 19 June 2019

The Netherlands is investing 4.5 million euros in a new fund for the fight against bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. The first contribution is meant to convince other countries to also put money into the fund.

The Netherlands is trying to take the lead in the fight against resistant ‘super bacteria’. They make hundreds of thousands of victims every year, says Minister Bruno Bruins (Medical Care), who this week receives around forty countries to jointly reduce resistance. Doctors are powerless and have to watch how a simple inflammation gets a fatal outcome, Bruins warns.

The minister wants to prevent this by making new antibiotics and also by using medicines better, so that pathogens do not get the chance to arm themselves against them. The latter mainly happens in developing countries. The new fund is primarily for them.

In the coming years, the Netherlands is also allocating 5 million euros for the development of new antibiotics. (ANP)

Skipr Redactie, "First step in the Netherlands against super bacteria", 19 June 2019. [pdf in dutch]